Wishing you’d call me on a whim again

So this is 25.
Sitting in the bar, scanning the room for someone you could potentially love,
Wishing you never fucked up your four year relationship with someone who gave you everything they had,
Falling asleep to American Footballs’ never repeat on vynil before going to bed,
Wanting anything other than the lonely ache that takes over your heart when you go to sleep alone,
Desiring nothing more than wanting to share the love you have left inside of you with someone who actually gives a fuck….
So this is 25.


Marta Malheureux

Harry Moody

I want this. Right now.

The Martyr by Cursive
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Some people look like their breath smells like pills that they took from their parents’ medicine cabinet and you are one of those people.

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faded like my relationship with my father

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